Volksrod - da begining

Started something new, a Volksrod! I've always been inspired by those things, especially after seeïng this one:



Please keep in mind that the pic above will be used as reference, so it will absolutelly NOT be an exact copy of it! I'm actaully bilding something like this because there are too many spare parts in my parts-box  Lachen

So of we go! This is the thing that will be used, a '56 Oval from Mr. Hobby:

Volksrod 001 copy

Made some final cuts: fenders, roof & the back are already removed  

Volksrod 002 copy

Volksrod 003 copy

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Die kas komt me bekend voor.

Gepost door: Nismo | 15-12-08

This project sounds good!!!

Gepost door: Deedlit | 16-12-08

Also on the waiting list to be made someday and you are going to be before me but i know yours is going to be awesome(really i know).

Gepost door: Hot Rod BUg | 16-12-08

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