Volksrod - some bodyworkzzzzzzzzz

After cutting away the wright pieces the sharp edges needed some sanding:

Volksrod 005 copy

What has a cup of butter to do with scalemodels??

Volksrod 006 copy

Well........if it's filled with ovencleaner you can remove the old paint  Lachen

Volksrod 007 copy

So this is how the body looks now:

Volksrod 08 copy

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Merry Christmas! :)

PS: I also eat Roda margarine lol , you have good taste!

Gepost door: Deedlit | 25-12-08

Da ziet er properkes uit!
Welk product gebruikt gij

Gepost door: Nismo | 25-12-08

@Deedlit: seems like we have the same taste.......in cars and in butter :o))

@Nismo: ovencleaner is the one from Mr. Muscle

Gepost door: Wheelin75r | 28-12-08

voila un, beau projet !!!

Gepost door: mister-j | 03-01-09

Thx mister-J!
Think I've seen your buids @ Jabbeke.

Gepost door: Wheelin75r | 07-01-09

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