Volksrod - front suspension

The front suspension will be a combination of 2 parts:

1. a dropped beam axle, comming from a Ford A sedan:

Volksrod 021 copy

2. the original Käfer front axle:

Volksrod 031 copy

As the original front axle will only be used as the base for the dropped axle, I had to cut it up and scratch some support parts:

Volksrod 023 copy

Volksrod 024 copy

Now that everything is glued together it looks like this: Volksrod 025 copy

Volksrod 026 copy

Volksrod 027 copy

Volksrod 029 copy

Volksrod 030 copy

When both suspensions are painted I can glue them together and hopefully then you will have a better view of what I'm going for  Knipogen

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Nice scratchbuilt parts, I have the feeling this gonna be awesome when finished!

Gepost door: Deedlit | 13-01-09

Very beautiful work on the train !!!

Gepost door: mister-j | 13-01-09

I know what you are going for, GOLD!!! :-)

Gepost door: senone | 18-01-09

What the F***.
It's about things like this that i'm a fan of you.
You already know what i think of you. You're 1 of my idols(yes i can say that). But this one is SUPER.

Gepost door: Hot Rod Bug | 18-01-09

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