What a surprise........again!!


Not much action on my models & my blog 'cause I've been really ill for the last two weeks. But when I recieved the last issue of VW-speed I feel a lot better....


Now this is a verry cool surprise!  Stoer

Muchos gracias 2 Martin Santoro!


I look at my magazines a thousend times a day and so I did with the last VW-speed yesterday. Surprisingly I've missed a second article, wich was dedicated to my blog Afgesloten


Next update will be one comming from the Volksrod again  Lachen

And thx for the comments guys!!

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Volksrod - front suspension

The front suspension will be a combination of 2 parts:

1. a dropped beam axle, comming from a Ford A sedan:

Volksrod 021 copy

2. the original Käfer front axle:

Volksrod 031 copy

As the original front axle will only be used as the base for the dropped axle, I had to cut it up and scratch some support parts:

Volksrod 023 copy

Volksrod 024 copy

Now that everything is glued together it looks like this: Volksrod 025 copy

Volksrod 026 copy

Volksrod 027 copy

Volksrod 029 copy

Volksrod 030 copy

When both suspensions are painted I can glue them together and hopefully then you will have a better view of what I'm going for  Knipogen

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