Volksrod - interior update

I had some problems with my health but I'm back!  Stoer

As this is still a "parts-box project", this is a '28 Ford dash I found in my parts-box. The overall shape was good, it only needed to be larger. So it's styrene time again:

Volksrod 057

And after some sanding:

Volksrod 058

The dash in place:

Volksrod 064

The wall behind the seat is also in place now:

Volksrod 059

A little dry-fit with the seat & the transmission tunnel also:

Volksrod 060

And a dry-fit with the body:

Volksrod 061

Last dry-fit with the frontsuspension, just to see if everything is still in place:

Volksrod 062

Volksrod 063

Overall, it looks OK 2 me but at this right moment I'm already changing some small on the steering mechanism  Lachen

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Volksrod - interior update

Finally I've found some time 2 post some updates:


As frontseat I'll be using a backseat commin' from a '32 Ford A sedan

Volksrod 033 copy

It has no "back" so we'll fix that with some styrene:

Volksrod 034 copy

Volksrod 035 copy

Volksrod 036 copy

2. the "gap"  Lachen

As you can see on the reference pic, there's a gap behind the seat:


So of we go:

Volksrod 032-a copy

Volksrod 032-b copy

And a little dry-fit with the seat:

Volksrod 032-c copy

Volksrod 032-d copy

Also according to the 1/1 reference model, I've drilled the small holes into the body Knipogen

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